Victim Impact Statements

 …how can we express how much LVAS has meant to my family and the nightmare we had to go through would not have been bearable without LVAS…LVAS just made it a little easier to face and deal with…

– (family survivor of homicide)


 I finally feel safe and in a place to get my head on straight and start healing these deep wounds…thanks to your efforts on helping me and my child finding safety.

(female aggravated assault victim)


…our ordeal was so much like a bad nightmare that you could not wake up from. I don’t think we would have made it through any part of it without LVAS by our sides, the family was so far away but you were always there ready to help…what an organization.

(family survivor of homicide)


to have an organization stand beside our family for all the years that LVAS has done, well it is incredible, to say the least.

(family member of child victim)


I don’t know how I would have gotten back on my feet after my horrible assault…I am back at work and feeding my family because LVAS understood my needs and focused on getting me started the right direction.

(male aggravated assault victim)


for I have no words to tell you how much LVAS has done for each and every member of my family.