Rebuilding to Better Serve You

For more than a decade, Lubbock Victims Assistance Services has been working tirelessly to help victims of violent crime in the South Plains. During that time we had a simple website and although we had plans to enhance the site to better serve our community, it seemed there were always more pressing matters.

That has changed, largely because we had a benefactor who asked to remain nameless on this site, come to our aid. He is in the process of rebuilding the site so that we can better serve victims of violence in Lubbock. We ask that you be patient with us during this time.

Lubbock Victims Assistance Services is Still Here to Help You

Of course, we never went anywhere and we are always here to help those who have been victimized by violent crime in our community. As you will see, the new site structure makes our phone number and email address better seen. In addition, we are adding resources we lacked before.

English: Supporters of domestic violence victi...
English: Supporters of domestic violence victims look at an Empty Plate/Silent Witness display, Wednesday, at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The place settings memorialize victims of domestic violence in the Hawaii Army community. The display was a part of a proclamation signing ceremony that outlines the Army’s commitment to protecting victims of domestic violence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For instance, not only are we adding pages for each of the programs available to victims of violent crime in Lubbock and the South Plains but also adding national resources, help lines, a directory of local social services, and useful links. More than this, we have included an education section which we hope will be most beneficial to victims.

When a person experiences a traumatic experience such as personal violence, they often do not know where to turn for help. Some are embarrassed, ashamed, or feel guilty. Often, victims will hide away, fearful of what others will think of them–and never get the help they need to recover.

While there is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed when victimized, these feelings are natural. It is our hope that by adding educational pages and videos that victims can view or read in their own home, they can get the help they need without fear of exposure. This, in turn, may encourage some to step forward and seek the help that Lubbock Victims Assistance Services provides.

Community Involvement, Donations, and News

In addition to the resources and educational information we will add to our new website, we are adding a Members Section where we encourage our neighbors to get involved.

Violence is not confined to the dark alleys of major cities. In fact, as reported by KCBD in an article discussing domestic violence in 2012,

“Panhandle and South Plains Per Capita Death Rate Higher Than in Any of the Larger Urban Areas.”

English: Domestic violence victim advocacy: ex...
English: Domestic violence victim advocacy: expression and bonding thru live music events; op music house (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fact is that violence can happen at any time to anyone, anywhere, but in Lubbock and the South Plains, domestic violence is one of the biggest dangers we face.

For this reason, we encourage everyone reading this to become members of this site. As members, you will be notified of important events related to preventing violence in Lubbock along with email notifications of new posts and pages added to this site. This will keep you informed and educated.

Although current research indicates that education has no impact on domestic violence, learning how to deal with the aftermath can help victims better cope with their situation.  Thus, the pages on this site will focus on coping mechanisms, ways to regain dignity after violence touches home, and how to deal with the shame and guilt associated with violent acts.

Finally, we know that many in the community would like to offer financial support for the mission of Lubbock Victims Assistance Services when possible. So, for those whose hearts impel them, we will be adding a simple way to contribute. We thank you for your support.

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